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What Could A Power Outage Cost You?

$10,000 on burst pipes. $500 on spoiled food. Not only are power outages inconvenient, they cost American households $150 billion a year.

Financing Options Available

Ask us about our available financing options available on our generators. We can help ensure your family is safe when the power goes out.

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Maintenance & Service

It is exciting as a full service generator dealer that we can provide service to any and all generator makes and models. Whether you are on land, travel by sea, or your perspective is an aerial view, we can service the generator. As we would love to have the ability to service you in the air, unfortunately you will have to land the aircraft for us to service it, and we appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Remember you have a system that generates electricity and burns fuel in the process. It’s an engine, like your car it has many moving parts along with a power generation system. Would you let your car go months, maybe years without having your oil changed, tires rotated, windshield wipers replaced? Your generator, like your car requires preventative maintenance. Take a look at all that our maintenance has to offer…

  • Test battery voltage with battery charger and document results
  • Test battery without battery charger and document results
  • Test battery under a load test and document results
  • Test battery charging system output and document results
  • Clean battery terminals and remove any corrosion
  • Check battery charger alternator and document results
  • Inspect fuel supply and flexible connections for any leaks
  • Inspect fuel shut off valve
  • Check and drain fuel filter sediment (if applicable)
  • Change generator oil filter
  • Drain engine oil in unit and replace with new oil
  • Record engine oil pressure
  • Change spark plugs
  • Clean the brushes and slip rings
  • Check governor spring for proper operation
  • Clean all door hardware and lubricate
  • Clean out any debris inside generator housing
  • Inspect unit for rodent infestation
  • Inspect general appearance of generator
  • Inspect enclosure and sound baffles
  • Inspect exhaust system
  • Inspect unit for adequate airflow
  • Inspect and clean air filter
  • Inspect and clean breather tubes
  • Inspect engine block heater and carburetor heater
  • Inspect all wires, battery cables, and all wiring connections
  • Adjust generator voltage and frequency if necessary and document results
  • Check safety shutdowns (ex.: low oil, over speed, under speed, etc.)
  • Inspect and test function of transfer switch
  • Simulate a power outage to ensure proper generator function


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